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Tobias Jessen

Who I am

Born in the late 90s, I’m a young guy going to school, at a level that must be similar to late american high school. I simple love technology and how it helps us every day. New technology is always intriguing, and I’m a huge fan of watching press events from those big guys like Google, Apple and Microsoft. I also - like almost everyone else - like beautiful design, and use a lot of time following the trends, whilst trying to apply them to my own work.

I build stuff

As I stated before I love technology, and therefore I find natural to make my own stuff. I primarily work with web development and design, and are always learning new things, like a new fancy effect or optimizing technique to use in my work. I strive to make clean and elegant solutions with new technology implemented, by bringing young creativity to the table. I also do graphical work based on the brilliant concept of scalable vector graphic.

HTML is used to build and structure webpages in a easily, maintainable way

CSS is used to add visual style and responisivity to webpages

Javascript is for making webpages interactive and dynamic

PHP code handles the server-side of things, also called the back-end

Java is primarily used to develop apps that run on the Android platform

SQL is used in conjunction with PHP and the back-end to manipulate data

I'm looking for work

Are you looking for a new website or a redesign of the old one? Do you need some new graphics for you business, like a poster, business card or a new shiny logo? No matter what, I would love to get in touch with you and find a solution that fits you. Just contact me using the contact form below, and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

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