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Need a new website? I'm a young developer who just loves
code and design


Core values


Software that works


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Beauty is key

Current project

Tobijes.com Redesign

TobiJes.com is my car on the big road of developers. Because of this, I’m currently in the development process of bringing an even nicer and prettier car with an awesome paint job to the road.

It will utilize a lot of new stuff I’ve learned since the last version of the site. I want it to have great performance and be on par with the latest design trends. It is expected to arrive in early 2015.

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Latest stuff


@MacAffinity Hope that you'll do Black Friday, then I know what I'll be buying! Loved your software on trial

I recommend the #PixarInABox course. Learning computer graphics is very cool! #processing https://t.co/YM4uWtxGhF http://t.co/P7F63uf3EH

Tried using Visual Studio Code on Mac this evening/night. I'm very pleased with the program, it just needs FTP support! #vscode #dev #webdev


The theory behind your phone’s incredible long, but smooth lists.

So, you are probably using a lot of time scrolling lists on your phone, in the endless stream of new content every day. But with all this content, how does our phones exactly handle it? I mean, if my mid-range Moto G, should save all those list rows (cards, contacts, tweets etc.) in its memory, it would run out of it pretty fast. Therefore, some bright men (or women for that sake) have developed a way to control the visual elements of a list, so we won’t lose all our memory while viewing our contacts list.